Keith Krause worker using drawingsKeith Krause design work

We excel in our ability to provide a full range of services, from an initial consultation, through the design and manufacture process, to final installation.  After discussing your requirements and surveying the site, we will produce AutoCAD drawings from your specifications or design it in-house based around your ideas.  If requested, we can produce rendered images of the furniture, which may help you visualise the final product.

Once the design is finalised, we will manufacture the furniture and supply any specialist equipment.  The finished pieces are then delivered and installed at a date and time convenient to you, our client.

Our Design Process

  • Stage 1: Consultation

    The initial stage is to arrange for one of our experienced designers to visit you at your home or company to discuss your requirements. Typically taking around an hour of your time, we will listen to your needs, share ideas and advise you on the finishes, styles, options, accessories, functionality and layout. There is no charge for this. We then prepare a cost based on the instructions you give us during this first meeting.
  • Stage 2: Design

    Our designers, will then sketch and draw up a proposed CAD design and plan for your project, with further meetings to discuss options and agree on the final design.
  • Stage 3: Contracts

    We will then provide a final quote together with the final design specification and CAD drawings and agree on a delivery date.
  • Stage 4: Production

    Our craftsmen then create your bespoke furniture to meticulous standards in our Buckinghamshire workshop. It typically takes eight to twelve weeks from agreement of the final design for us to make the finished furniture.
  • Stage 5: Delivery / Installation

    The furniture is then installed by our skilled installers on the agreed dates, this can be done during working hours. They will keep mess and disruption to an absolute minimum during this period.